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  1. l Västgötaspets, chiamato anche Swedish Vallhund, è un'antica razza canina di origine svedese unica nel suo genere, praticamente quasi sconosciuta al di fuori dei Paesi nordici. Ha un aspetto inconfondibile: sembra un lupo siberiano nel corpo di un piccolo Welsh Corgi britannico
  2. Il Västgötaspets è un cane di taglia piccola, affettuoso e giocherellone che sa stare in mezzo agli altri animali senza problemi. Perfetto cane da compagnia, sa anche condurre il gregge e sa farsi rispettare con coraggio e fermezza. Confronta con un'altra razz
  3. In 1943, the Swedish Kennel Club recognized the Swedish Vallhund as a breed, and officially categorized the Swedish Vallhund as the Västgötaspets for Västergötland, the province in which their revival took place. Since then, the breed has been recognized by, and bred in, over ten countries and has gained some popularity
  4. Swedish Vallhund - Västgötaspets - The Viking Dog - Alla Tiders Kennel began in 1987. We live in the countyside at the westcoast of Sweden
  5. Handsome Percy found pretty Siggärd attractive and were hoping for a litter of nice puppies week 44. Percy miss a CAC to become a SUCH and Siggärd too, they'll both make it after the Corona.
  6. Breeder in the Netherlands. Includes a breed description, litters, and an overview of their dogs

Di taglia medio-piccola muscoloso e basso sulle zampe con un altezza compresa tra i 33 e i 40 cm e un peso che può variare dagli 9 ai 14 chilogrammi. La testa ha un cranio piatto e un muso a punta che termina con un bel tartufo nero le orecchie erette terminano a punta, ha occhi ovali molto intelligenti Ständig student i Livets Skola, Alex Kraft, KatArt Illustrations, Fotografiska Stockholm, Aftonbladet, Roger Sjølstad Photography, Denzel Washington, ICA Supermarket Oppeby, Läkare Utan Gränser/ Médecins sans Frontières (MSF Sweden), Kennel Nordville, CW Wildlife Rescue, Rottweiler Club, Stockholms westernryttare, Peter Dog Man, Västgötaspets - Les Fumées Du Nord, Trosa Djurcenter. Il Västgötaspets è un cane di piccola taglia, con un rapporto tra lunghezza e altezza di 2:3. La sua corporatura è tozza e possente, un maschio adulto raggiunge un'altezza massima di 35 cm al garrese, per un peso di almeno 12-14 kg. La femmina è leggermente più piccola The Swedish Vallhund was rescued from extinction in the early 1940s and all the foundation dogs were found in the West Gothia County (Västergötland in Swedish, hence the Swedish breed name Västgötaspets). The Swedish Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1943

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Kopparås Stuteri och Kennel, Kvarnvägen 53. 291 likes · 81 talking about this · 17 were here. Välkommen till oss och västgötaspetsfamiljen på Kopparås... Skogsbygdens kennel Våra hundar Våra katter Hund nyheter Västgötaspets breedinfo Bullterrier miniatyr minibullterrier valpplaner 2018/2019 Kullar Avelshanar Tävlingar SKK officiella utst.res. 2016 SKK officiella utst.res. 2017 SKK officiella utst.res. 201 8 Hd Champion Ö vriga djur. För mer info om Westorps Saphira queen of diamond För. Il Västgötaspets (swedish vallhund) è un cane da pastore utilizzato per la condotta delle greggi. Nonostante la sua piccola taglia, è capace di condurre mandrie numerose poiché è rapido e coraggioso

Possiede una buona muscolatura, arti bassi. E' pieno di energia, coraggioso e avventato. E' alto tra i 33 e i 40 cm e pesa dai 9 ai 14 chilogrammi. Lo Swedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets, nella lingua madre) è una razza canina di tipo spitz e di tipo primitivo (Gruppo 5 F.C.I.) che, come suggerisce il nome, viene dalla Svezia Tridents Diaz and Amma Valhalos sargas Tridents Diaz Dutch show Champion. Pedigree: Origin: imported from Sweden Birthdate: 22-01-2014 HD: A Retinopathy DNA: carrier Eye check: only the first time 1 distichie, free of other eye diseases Father: Skogsbygdens Wiktor Hotspot Mother: Tridents Alic

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Swedish Kennel Clubs Magazines Special number:Hundsport Special 5/86 Gascoigne.Nicky., The Swedish Vallhund. Dalsetter Designs. Wakefield. UK. 1989 Bayliss. J., A Study of the Swedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets) A Pictorial History - Owners' Hand Book. Eng. 2007 Västgötaspets, or Swedish Vallhund, is a small powerfull, fearless short-legged dog. He is watchful,alert and energetic. He is happiest when he is occupied both mentally and physically with his master by going for long walks and taking part in dog sports Storia. Meno antico del Welsh Corgi Cardigan, il Pembroke ha una storia meno nebulosa per quanto le origini siano discusse. Non si sa come e quando questa razza sia stata introdotta nell'Arcipelago Britannico: alcuni sostengono che il Corgi Pembroke, che presenta aspetti simili al Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund), razza svedese di cane da pastore, sia stato importato dai Vichinghi Unsubscribe from Curraghs kennel? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 11. (Västgötaspets - Swedish Vallhund) - Duration: 3:02. VastgotaspetsSverige 22,357 views

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Kopparås Stuteri och Kennel oggi alle ore 03:08 Coppa's, and Cecils, farmors morfar Kopparås Arn Thor doing the same test about 15 years ago here in Sweden ©American Kennel Club. Liv Oom / EyeEm via Getty Images ©Vera Reva - stock.adobe.com ©feeferlump - stock.adobe.com ©Christian - stock.adobe.com. Find a Puppy: Swedish Vallhun

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  1. Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund)  Design og vedligehold af ArtegoTech // Proudly powered by WordPress // Proudly powered by WordPres
  2. Our breeding ethics include utilizing the maximum genetic diversity remaining in Swedish Vallhunds at this time. The first and only Swedish Vallhund pedigree genetic analysis, including mean kinship list of Swedish Vallhunds born worldwide from 2002 to 2014 can be found her
  3. Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund) girls Bamske, Asa and Ronja are walking in the forest
  4. The honor of making the Swedish Vallhund recognized and registered as a Swedish breed goes to Count Björn von Rosen. In the beginning of the 1940s he noticed the existence of these dogs. By making an inventory of the existing dogs in the county of Västergötland and especially around the city of Vara he found a small but evenly typed group of dogs
  5. CONGRATS ! Everotts Torbjörn Runsten * 19-03-21 Huge thanks to owner Ann Lindegrund 20-02-29 Ströby Dansk Spidshundeklubb: Domare: Morten Matthes Everotts Torbjörn Runsten BOS! 1 Jkl Ck 1 BH, Junior CAC, Klubjunior CAC, & CAC! Huge congrats to splendid Ann Lindegrund for showing him so well
  6. This herding test is done with cows, because the Västgötaspets is a cow herding dog
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Curraghs kennel 625 views. 1:45. How to start agility training with a Swedish Vallhund. Västgötaspets: Lenie, Katie and her puppy's 21022010 - Duration: 3:10. Liannevo 9,664 views C.I.B DKV-19 DKJUCH DKUCH SEUCH Poland Winner -18 Rostock Sieger -19 BIR, CACIB & Dansk Vinnare 2019 Everotts Ragnar Runsten! BIM Lilltengens Tilda Toppmurkla Tack till domare Eli-Marie Klepp N Herning Int: BIR DKJUCH DKUCH SEUCH Poland Winner -18 Everotts Ragnar Runsten BIM DKJUCH NJV-19 DKJV-19 Everotts Siggärd Runsten. Tack till domare: Hanne Laine Jensen DK DKJUCH Everotts Siggärd. Breed status: Recognized on a definitive basis: Country of origin of the breed: SWEDEN: Working trial: Not subject to a working trial according to the FCI breeds nomenclatur

De Västgötaspets in het kort: Kennel: Onze honden: Nesten: Boek: Nieuws: Foto/video: Links: Updates: Curragh's I'm The One (Mila) Teef. Geb. 04-10-2017 NHSB 3097885. Hoogte: Gewicht: Staart: langstaart Compleet schaargebit HD: nvt Ogen: nvt: 1 jaar oud : Curragh's kennel copyright 2010. Alianz Italian Kennel Club se. VALLHUND SVEDESE - SPITZ OF THE VISIGOTHS - VÄSTGÖTASPETS - SWEDISH. Spitz des Visigoths, Westgotenspitz auch Schwedischer Schäferspitz,. Définitions de LISTA DI RAZZE CANINE, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de LISTA DI RAZZE CANINE, dictionnaire analogique de LISTA DI RAZZE CANINE Kopparås Stuteri och Kennel, Kvarnvägen 53. Mi piace: 289 · 76 persone ne parlano · 17 persone sono state qui. Välkommen till oss och västgötaspetsfamiljen på Kopparås. Vi erbjuder personer och..

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Curragh's kennel | The site about the Västgötaspets or. PÄIVITYKSET· UPDATES 1.9.2020 Lisätty H pentueen kuvat ja tiedot · Added information and photos of H litter 30.8.2020 Lisätty I pentueen kuvat ja tiedot · Added information and photos of I litte What does my kennel prefix mean - or does it even mean anything is the question that is get asked a lot. Well, it definitely has a meaning. Ever read Lord of the Rings? Heroes of that book, hobbits, dwell in a place called the Shire. In Finnish the Shire is called Kontu

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Vedi altri contenuti di Specialklubben för västgötaspets su Facebook. Accedi. Non ricordi più come accedere all'account? o. Crea nuovo account. Non ora. Pagine correlate. Hundutställning. Interesse. Wassbölingens kennel. Impresa locale. Fixan's Panta Na Mera. Canile. Kopparås Stuteri och Kennel. Impresa locale. BUS Bästa. Dopo essermi laureata in Veterinaria, l'amore e la passione per i Basset Hound e i Welsh Corgi Pembroke mi hanno portato a dare vita all'allevamento. Per entrambe le razze le linee di sangue sono le più famose e importanti. I miei cani vengono allevati in casa e sono per prima cosa miei compagni di vita. Partecipiamo regolarmente a esposizioi nazionali ed internazionali sia in Italia che all. The SVCA is the sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. The SVCA would like to thank Gail Smyka, our webmaster emeritus, for her many years of tireless hard work on the club's website. She gave us our first web presence, and our club owes her an enormous debt of gratitude Torvall Swedish Vallhund Kennel is the oldest current Swedish Vallhund breeding kennel in New Zealand with over 12 years experience with the breed. Located near Ongaonga in the heart of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, we are committed to breeding happy, healthy pups of a good breed standard. Of great importance to us is having dogs with a good.

From an other Västgötaspets page: I was wondering if anyone decided... that a puppy would not fit in a home after you received a deposit. If so, how did you go about it? We say: check the law of your country!! In the Netherlands, if you send people pictures of an assigned puppy, make a verbal or written commitment, or accept a deposit then you are committed to deliver a puppy De Västgötaspets in het kort: Kennel: Onze honden: Nesten: Boek: Nieuws: Foto/video: Links: Updates: 2013. Geboren 01-05-2013 1 teef ls, 2 reuen ls • Curragh's Galona Gnomus, teef (Yuno) • Curragh's Gimli Gnomus, reu (Bosse I sent Draco to Australia 5 years and 10 months ago to my dear friend Leonie Darling (Dlarah kennel). He was 11 months old then. I never stopped missing that very special dog who had super temperament and who was so dear to me. Draco became Leonie's once in a lifetime dog and he was a very special bond between me and Leonie Västgötaspets, Domare/Judge; Gunnar Nymann, Danmark. Danga's Ådi Konradson-H valpkl 1 HP, BIR-valp/BOB-puppie. Danga's X-Force-D ökl Exc 1CK, 1BH, Cert/Cac, Cacib, BIR/BOB * * * * * Åbo Int 2015-03-28. Västgötaspets, Domare/Judge; Gert Christensen. Danga's Yakari-F ukl Exc 1 * * * * * Int Dog Show Lahti 2015-03-21. Västgötaspets.

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  1. The Swedish Vallhund is an ancient breed known by the name Vastgotaspets   in it's homeland of Sweden In Canada, this breed was listed in the miscellaneous group until Ulla Gamberg of Vastgota Kennel began the tedious work to have the Vallhund recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club
  2. They were recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club as the Svensk Vallhund, which translates to Swedish herder. The name was changed in 1964 to Västgötaspets, named after the Swedish province Vastergotland where this breed was revived. The first Vallhunds came to England in 1974, then to the United States from England in 1983
  3. Västgötaspets vom Brüggener-Land 7 agosto alle ore 06:50 Wir sind sehr stolz auf unsere Nachzucht Frida Björkman 2 Std. Minu n pieni paimen haluaa selvästi olla metsästyskoira suuren riistaviettinsä kera Mårran (Coppa vom Brüggener Land) kävi petotestissä karhulle, ja toimi juuri niinkuin pitää
  4. Vrienden van de Västgötaspets. 961 likes · 2 talking about this. Association for Västgötaspets - Swedish Vallhund - Zweedse Herder. We want to share more information and fun over the world. We want..
  5. Precisazione: mancano ancora i dati 2019, ma in attesa che l'Enci li faccia uscire, andiamo a guardare i dati relativi al 2018.Se si va a vedere la classifica generale delle dieci razze con il maggior numero di cuccioli iscritti al Libro genealogico nel corso del 2018, scopriamo che al primo posto si piazzano saldamente i Setter inglesi, seguiti dal Pastore Tedesco e dal Labrador Retriever

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Kennel Eklund - breeding Swedish Vallhunds in Montana. Imagine if you will, a dog that is multiply-faceted in every positive way imaginable for a dog.. endearing, courageous, alert, loving, high-spirited, uncannily intuitive, and focused on you.. and now picture that dog in a handy size, a pint-sized pixie called a Swedish Vallhund Find Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale with pictures from reputable Swedish Vallhund breeders. Ask questions and learn about Swedish Vallhunds at NextDayPets.com The United Kennel Club began registering the breed in 1996, and the American Kennel Club recognized it in 2007. Size The Vallhund stands 11.5 to 13.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs 22 to 35 pounds Forestframe Farm Has Puppies For Sale On AKC PuppyFinde

This is Disney. Her owners say, We are the proud owners of a 2-year-old purebred Swedish Vallhund named Disney.She is a wonderful dog, full of energy, affection, personality and love. She gets a lot of attention wherever we take her due to her good looks and her remarkable friendliness—she loves everybody, especially children Kennel Burning Red's. # jtaiga Tuusniemeltä JUN Eri/2 sa # jorsakin # länsigöötanmaanpystykorva # göötti # västgötaspets. Näytä kaikki. Videot. Olemme muutaman kerran ulkoilleet pesälaatikon ulkopuolella. Vatsa alkaa nousta alustasta ja tassut hakeutuvat tanakammin alle Vrienden van de Västgötaspets. 964 पसंद · 7 इस बारे में बात कर रहे हैं. Association for Västgötaspets - Swedish Vallhund - Zweedse Herder. We want to share more information and fun over the world. We.. breed | rotu: Swedish Vallhund | länsigöötanmaanpystykorva | västgötaspets d.o.b. | synt. 31.10.2013 gender | sukup. female | narttu reg. no. | rek.nro. FI54858. Komáromy A, Ahonen S, Cooper AE, Capaldo F, Vanhapelto P, Garmer§ L. Inherited retinopathy in the Swedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets). Abstracts: Meeting of the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology, Versailles, France 14-18 May 2008. Vet Ophthalmol. 2009 Jan-Feb;12(1):61-70. 25

VALLHUND SVEDESE - SPITZ OF THE VISIGOTHS - VÄSTGÖTASPETS -SWEDISH. VALLHUND-----WELSH CORGI CARDIGAN - WELSH CORGI KARDIGAN. WELSH CORGI C.F. 97929710587 Alianz Italian Kennel Club - Sede Lazio Via Francesco Balilla Pratella 34/A 00124 Roma - Telefono: +39. breed | rotu: Swedish Vallhund | länsigöötanmaanpystykorva | västgötaspets d.o.b. | synt. 24.03.2017 gender | sukup. female | narttu reg. no. | rek.nro. FI30565.

Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH): Alles über Welpen, Züchter, Hundeausstellungen, Rassehunde, Hundesport und mehr I Nostri Cani - giugno 2016. WDS 2015 allunga il successo dell'ENCI A distanza di un anno crescono prestigio e stima internazionali Ad un anno dalla sua conclusione, e sembra ieri, la. I'm a member of the Finnish Kennel Club, Länsigöötanmaanpystykorvat - Västgötaspets, and SKV (the Swedish SV Club). In obedience and agility I represent KKK (Kirkkonummi Kennel Club). I'm also a member of SuKoKa (Finnish dog breeders' club)

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